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Timeless design combined with functionality
Black Plexiglass Series
Natural Aluminum Series
Black Aluminum Series
Gold Aluminum Series
Bronze Aluminum Series
Glossy White Plastic Series
Matt White Plastic Series
Anthracite Matt Plastic Series
White Plexiglass Series
Black Plexiglass Series
Natural Stainless Steel Series
Stainless Steel Antique Copper Series
Stainless Steel Antique Bronze Series
Metallic Gray Plastic Series

iSwitch, the legendary thermostatic KNX switch series of Interra takes attention with its clear straight lines and architecturally harmonious and fascinating colors and materials. A perfect match to a modern style of living. With its unique and elegant design, iSwitch was always the favorite choice of interior architects. Not just in design, but with its technical features, iSwitch attracts a lot of attention from KNX integrators too. 

iSwitch is more than a room controller with its temperature and humidity sensors and extremely powerful control and logic options. It comes with 8 different button options and it has 2 main models. One is a thermostat switch model that differentiates itself with its LCD dimension from its competitors and the other is a classic one without LCD. It performs the control of all functions required for building automation, such as switching, toggle, dimming, shutter/blinds, thermostat controls, scenes, value, 2 channels, and step switching mode features.

Each push button is equipped with RGB LEDs with adjustable light intensity in blue/green or white/red color combinations for feedback or visualization, and the LCD models are equipped with VA-Display technology. There are 2 hidden push buttons with a short press and long press events, located up and down below the frame of the LCD, making it a unique device to control all thermostat functions over LCD buttons. It provides great project flexibility so other push buttons can be arranged for other controls.

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