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Building for the dynamic future, Oxygen Group helps build your Institute/Home for the dynamic future from strategy through execution. As turnkey solution providers, we offer Site Survey, Design, Supply, Implement and Maintain a broad range of Solutions: Automation Solutions, Electromechanical Contracting and Low Current Integrated Systems. 

Our Solutions:  
- Automation Solutions 
- Security Solutions  
- IT Solutions 
- Energy Solutions

  • Automation Solutions
  1. Industrial Automation: PLC, SCADA and Control Panels using the leading European suppliers of control systems Domat and WAGO.
  2. Building Automation: Building Management System Solutions(BMS) for Universities, Complexes, Companies and Malls , Home/Hotel Automation, Wired Solutions, Wireless Solutions using the international protocols KNX, Modbus, Zigbee and Zwave integrated with the developers of uniqueness Interra, iLuxus, Zennio, Domat, WAGO, Fibaro and Shelly.
  3. Environment Monitoring and Control Systems: by keeping an eye on dangers for safe companies, Buildings and Data Centers and that's what KENTIX does.
  4. Audio Video Solutions: Sound Systems, SMATV, Data Show.
  5. Parking Management.
  • Security Solutions
  1. CCTV Systems: IP CCTV Systems, Analog CCTV Systems, CCTV Storage Systems from Dahua and IDIS.
  2. Fire Alarm Systems. 
  3. Intruder Alarm Systems: Using the advanced security systems from Satel; VERSA, PERFECTA and INTEGRA.
  4. Attendance & Access Control Solutions: ZKteco.
  5. Intercom System, Gate Barrier, Anti-theft, Road Blockers, Pollard Using AKUVOX.
  6. Tracking Solutions, Fleet Management Tracking & Personal Tracking.
  • Energy Solutions
  1. Renewable Energy Solutions.
  2. UPS Systems.
  3. Energy Management Systems.
  • IT Solutions
  1. Data Center & Computing.
  2. Network Management.
  3. Network Infrastructure.
  4. Service Provider Solutions.

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