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Pure Touch Series

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Touch Vibration Sensitivity  


Carbon dioxide (CO2)  

Temperature and Moisture Sensor Custom Modes 

Time-bound Scenarios

Interra Pure Touch(Black and White) is a premium touch switch of Interra which is a perfect match for Just Touch projects. With its extremely slim 1 mm high-quality glass finish, and touch buttons, it's one of the finest and thinnest switches in its class. It comes with pure black and pure white color finishes including its plastic parts and with 2, 4, and 8 button options. It matches perfectly the Just Touch architectural design to create uniformity in projects. 

It performs the control of all functions required for building automation, such as switching, toggle, dimming, shutter/blinds, thermostat controls, scenes, value, 2 channels, and step switching mode features. Besides internal temperature and humidity sensors, with its brightness sensor, its feedback LEDs manage their own brightness level to be your indicator at night.

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